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Church Aid Matching Grant

To promote congregational student aid programs, Goshen College provides a grant to match assistance given by the student’s congregation or conference. The program is open to all denominations.

The Church Aid Matching Grant will apply dollar-for-dollar to the first $1,000 and beyond that on a 1:4 ratio, i.e., after matching the first $1,000 ($500 per semester), the college will provide $1 for every additional $4 provided by the church up to full tuition of church-college match funds.

Learn more about congregational student aid program eligibility (PDF)

Church sign-up forms:

Tuition discounts

Goshen College offers tuition discounts to students whose parents work in Mennonite Church related schools. For those who work in schools in the Council of Mennonite Colleges, the discount is 50 percent of tuition. For Mennonite Elementary Education Council schools and certain related institutions, the discount is 25 percent of tuition.

Goshen College faculty and staff, their spouses and dependents are eligible to receive a discount based on number of years employed. Those who receive discounts are eligible for discount plus scholarships up to full tuition, but are not eligible for achievement awards if they have already received an academic scholarship.

More details about the institutional policy for tuition discounts are available here.