International Students

Goshen College demonstrates its commitment to intercultural and global diversity by providing financial aid to international students. International students offered admission may receive an academic scholarship of up to $20,000 per year. You may receive additional funds by applying for need-based financial aid. Financial need is the difference between your financial resources and your student budget (tuition, fees, housing and food, personal expenses, etc). Financial need is determined from information supplied by you and your parents to the college. The Goshen College Affordability Form is used to estimate the amount that you and your family may be expected to contribute toward your student budget.

Although a student applying for need-based aid may be academically admissible, not all students will be awarded the full amount of financial aid needed due to the limited availability of funding. Those students with F-1, F-2, J-1, J-2; and G series visas must have enough resources to meet their expenses throughout their stay at the college. In addition, all students receiving need-based aid are expected to personally contribute toward educational and personal expenses while attending Goshen College.

Because the Admissions Office, not the Financial Aid Office, reviews all Goshen College Student Financial Aid Applications for international students, please contact the international admissions counselors at with questions about financial aid for international students.

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Goshen College Cost: Tuition, Housing & Food

When creating a financial aid package for a student, the Financial Aid Office first looks at the student’s budget for the academic year. A budget consists of tuition, housing and food, books and supplies, estimated transportation, and estimated personal expenses.

Costs for a full-time student living on campus for the 2023-24 school year

Tuition $ 37,760
Housing & Food $ 11,320
Total Cost $ 49,080

Costs for a full-time student living on campus for the 2024-25 school year

Tuition $ 38,890
Housing & Food $ 11,770
Total Cost $ 50,660

Full listing of costs for 2023-24 (PDF)

Full listing of costs for 2023-24 – Spanish (PDF)

Applying for Financial Aid (Prospective Students)


To be considered for financial aid at Goshen College, you must:

  1. Be admitted to Goshen College.
  2. Complete the Goshen College Financial Affordability Form. Completed forms can be emailed to

Financial Aid Renewal (Current Students)

A student at Goshen College is eligible to receive financial aid for a total of eight semesters, providing the following requirements are met:

  • Complete a Continuing Student Financial Aid Application in the Student Financial Aid Office
  • Continue demonstrating financial need
  • Display satisfactory academic progress. For more information, please refer to the Goshen College Catalog.

Scholarships and Grants

International Tuition Grant:

Covers part of the cost of tuition. The actual amount depends on the financial need of the student. International students may apply for need-based aid as a part of the admission process. To be considered, international applicants must be admitted before submitting a Goshen College Financial Affordability Form.


Goshen College offers academic scholarships based on grade point average (GPA).

Goshen College also offers athletic and music scholarships for qualified students. For music, an application and audition are required. Note: A student cannot receive both an athletic and a music scholarship.


Some U.S. banks offer loans to international students if the loan is co-signed by a U.S. citizen or permanent resident with good credit.

When comparing loans, it is important to carefully compare costs. Loans have their interest rates based on the 91-days T-Bill rate or to the Prime Lending Rate.

Sponsor Pledge Form

This form (.docx) for international student sponsors helps verify all the financial support that an international student will be relying on for their four years of studies. Download it, fill it out and return it to your admission counselor.

International Student Enrollment Policy: Proof of Means to Cover Educational Expenses

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that international students have secured the financial means to attend Goshen College (including personal expenses) prior to their arrival on campus. Read the full policy.

Refund Policy

Read up on our financial aid refund policies.

Other Resources for International Students