Academic Scholarships

Goshen College Academic Scholarships

At Goshen College, we are committed to making higher education affordable for all of our students. Academic scholarships are just one way we make this possible.

Scholarships Available for First-Year Students of All Majors

Goshen College’s Academic Scholarships are automatically awarded to all first-year students who are admitted into our traditional undergraduate program, regardless of major. These scholarships are based on a student’s academic performance.

Receive your Academic Scholarship Upon Admission

These “merit-based” scholarships reward academic achievement in high school at several levels, and do not require a separate scholarship application.

Your eligibility for these scholarships is determined by reviewing a combination of your GPA, and SAT or ACT scores (optional) when you submit your admissions application materials.

Scholarship Criteria & Information

At Goshen College, academic scholarships for first-year students are limited to up to eight semesters and are renewable based on continued minimum GPA levels. Each school year, a student remains eligible to receive an Academic Scholarship; the amount remains at the level originally awarded. Estimate your scholarship by using our Net Price Calculator.

First-Year Academic Scholarship Amounts:

(for first-year students enrolling in the fall semester of the 2023-24 school year)


Scholarship Amount
Dean’s Academic Scholarship $ 20,000
High Honors Academic Scholarship $ 18,000
Honors Academic Scholarship $ 16,000
Academic Excellence Scholarship $ 14,000

 Minimum renewal GPA of 2.0, for all academic scholarships.