Financial Aid

Affordability at Goshen College

Don’t let the sticker price scare you!

Once you take scholarships, grants, loans and work-study into account, you’ll find that a Goshen College education is truly accessible.

  • 99 %
    of Goshen College traditional students receive financial aid
  • 30,142 $
    Last year's average aid package (not including work-study or loans)
  • 20.5M $
    Total amount of grant aid distributed to students last year

Here’s how we build your financial aid package:

  1. First, we award scholarships.
    • Academic scholarships depend on your grade point average (GPA) and ACT or SAT test scores (optional). Calculate your scholarship award by using our Net Price Calculator.
    • Achievement scholarships recognize your accomplishments and the promise of future achievement at GC.
  2. Then we add need-based grants.
    • Many students qualify for federal, state and institutional grants based on their family financial situation. This is gift aid, so it doesn’t need to be paid back!
  3. Next, we offer student loans.

    • First-year students can take advantage of low-interest federal loans. Parent loans and private loans are also available.
  4. And finally, we add church aid and work-study.
    • Our church aid matching grant will apply dollar-for-dollar to the first $1,000 your church gives. First-year students can earn a maximum of $1,200 in work-study income.

Estimate your actual cost and scholarship

The best way to quickly calculate your individual financial aid award, including academic scholarships, from Goshen College is to use our online Net Price Calculator.

Calculate your GC financial aid award now

What is the value of a Goshen College education?

We produce graduates ready to be employed and earn competitive salaries:

  • 90 %
    of graduates from the GC Class of 2021 were employed one year after graduation, if seeking employment
  • 53,333 $
    average salary of graduates 10 years out of GC
  • 87 %
    of Goshen College graduates complete their degree in four years, which saves them considerable money and gets them into their careers sooner