Vision, Mission, Values & Motto


Goshen College will cultivate joy, growth and purpose, preparing students to thrive in life, leadership and service.

Rooted in the way of Jesus, we will seek inclusive community and transformative justice in all that we do.


Goshen College is a liberal arts college dedicated to the development of informed, articulate, sensitive, responsible Christians.

As a ministry of the Mennonite Church, we seek to integrate Christian values with educational, social and professional life. As a community of faith and learning, we strive to foster personal, intellectual, spiritual and social growth in every person. We view education as a moral activity that produces servant-leaders for the church and the world.

Core Values

At Goshen College we intend to create a community of faith and learning built on five core values: Christ-centeredness, passionate learning, servant leadership, compassionate peacemaking and global citizenship.


  • a reflective faith that nurtures spiritual growth in individual and corporate contexts
  • an active faith that informs all life’s choices


  • the mastery of a major field of study as the basis for life-long learning, service, relationships, and work in a socially and culturally diverse context
  • an extensive foundation of knowledge, skills, processes and methodologies derived from a liberal arts curriculum that are required for systematic study and problem solving


  • a leadership ability that empowers self and others
  • a healthy understanding of self and others that is reflected in relationships of interdependence and mutual accountability


  • a personal integrity that fosters the ability to resolve conflict and to promote justice
  • a commitment to diversity in all of its forms both conceptually and in practice


  • an intercultural openness with the ability to function effectively with people of other world views
  • a responsible understanding of stewardship for human systems and the environment in a multicultural world


“Culture for Service”