Goshen College’s Strategic Plan, 2021-2027

“Where Everything Connects”

Cover image of the Goshen College strategic plan includes buildings on campus

The Goshen College strategic plan builds upon our founding cornerstones of Christian faith and commitment to “Culture for Service,” as well as our recently renewed vision and mission. The aspirations, goals and objectives embodied in this plan set a mission-driven trajectory for Goshen College.

Embracing our role as a liberal arts college with outstanding professional programs, our students will be the center of our work, as we provide an inclusive, supportive and seamless educational experience. Recognizing the educational power of real-world experience, community engagement will be integral to our academic excellence as we transform communities and respond to urgent social needs. Claiming our Anabaptist-Mennonite heritage and inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus, joy, growth and purpose will characterize our learning and service.

Goshen College will be known as a place where all members are truly known, valued and belong. And Goshen College will continue to be a place where everything connects.

» Goshen College Strategic Plan, 2021-2027 (PDF)

» Goshen College Strategic Plan, 2021-2027: Condensed version for printing (PDF)