Celebrate the Joy of Serving: Volunteer

Volunteers benefit Goshen College

  • Volunteers support Goshen College’s mission in many vital ways—bringing community and college together to serve one another. With gifts of service, GC volunteers assist departments, faculty, and staff as needed.
  • The GC volunteer program is also a valuable communication between the college and area churches as well as community neighborhoods and institutions.

Benefits to you as a volunteer

  • Share in a wellspring of service with others who have a similar vision
  • Match available time with a meaningful helping hand
  • Use talents and knowledge in community and kingdom building
  • Model and convey Christian values upheld by Goshen College

Become a Goshen College Volunteer!

We are looking for servant leaders: Contribute to the Goshen College campus by using your talents, skills, and time to serve the GC community!

Department Volunteer Needs

If your department is in need of volunteer workers, you have two options to request help:

  • Goshen College partners with Acts of Service to pair volunteer groups and individuals with service opportunities on our campus. This service will be most beneficial to your department if you need a one-time group of volunteers to help out for a few hours with a large project. In order to use this service, please submit your volunteer request at least one month before the date you’re requesting help. The earlier it goes on their website, the more likely you are to get the help you need.
  • Fill out the form below to request a volunteer list from the Events Office. They will work to connect you with their pool of volunteers.

Department Volunteer Needs

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