Touring Cusco and the Sacred Valley

Tambomachay, a spring where visitors to Cusco in Incan times could undergo ceremonial baths before entering the city.

The Peru SST group spent three sunny days exploring Cusco and Peru’s Sacred Valley with the help of our guides, Abrahan Quispe Corrales for Cusco and Oswaldo Palomino Alvarado for the rest of our trip. Cusco was the heart of the Inca empire when the Spaniards arrived in 1526; in fact the Incas referred to … Keep reading »

Learning, dancing and meeting new families

Sol de Oro, our hotel in Cuzco.

Goshen College students began their week in Cuzco with study, music, dancing and quiet time with new host families. It was a great start to what proved to be a rich week filled with hiking, learning, exploration, new experiences and awesome beauty. After an uneventful flight from Lima to Goshen, students relaxed in Sol de … Keep reading »

Fields of service, play and friendship

Señora Gregoria Flores helps coordinate urban gardens in Villa María del Triunfo.

Goshen College students recently visited three fields for service, play and friendship. They gained new insights into life in Peru as they prepared a field for planting, played with school children and participated in a cultural interchange with Peruvian college students. They began their visits in Villa María del Triunfo, a southern district of Lima … Keep reading »

Lima lecturers and Spanish classes

Reverend Jorge Zamudio offers a welcome on the first day of classes.

While Goshen students are in Lima, their studies on language and culture include Spanish classes and a series of lectures. This semester, students welcomed 15 lecturers on a wide variety of topics about Peru. Most of our lecturers were Peruvians, with a few Americans who have lived in Peru from two to 50 years. Our … Keep reading »

Discovering culture through herbs and jewelry

Alicia Taipe Tello provided a fascinating workshop on the uses of Andean herbs.

Although some of the tastiest coffee in the world grows in Peru, we have been interested to learn that that Peruvians are not big coffee-drinkers. Breakfast is more likely to include a warm emoliente (a sweetened barley-based herb drink).  For visiting and break-times, Peruvians appreciate a cup of herb tea. We asked Alicia Taipe Tello, … Keep reading »

A visit to Peru’s broadcasting behemoth

Grupo Radio Programas del Peru (RPP), a radio and television broadcasting company, is celebrating its 50th anniversary of reporting the news.

What would happen if you combined the accuracy and reliability of the National Public Radio network with the immediacy and reach of CNN, added the variety of a satellite radio network, and transplanted the resulting media company to Lima, Peru? You might well get Grupo Radio Programas del Peru (RPP), a radio and television broadcasting … Keep reading »

Visiting a master

Peru SST co-leader Judy Weaver (left) and Peru study coordinator Celia Vasquez (center) pause with GC students before the Puente de Los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs) in the Barranco district of Lima, Peru.

Why would an octogenarian continue to work 10- or 12-hour days when he has earned a comfortable retirement as a successful, internationally-acclaimed artist? “For me it isn’t work,” explained Peruvian artist Victor Delfin, when we visited his studio and home in the artistic seaside district of Barranco. There, his joy in creating art was evident. … Keep reading »

Exploring the oldest civilization in the Americas

Goshen College students (front row) Joshua and Lauren and (back row) Becca, Jacob, Alan Landon and Rudy visited the Sacred City of Caral, site of the oldest civilization in the Americas.

Until the 1990s, scholars pointed to Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and India as areas that first gave rise to civilization – locations where ancient peoples organized societies with class systems, built enduring cities with public sites, cultivated food for large populations, domesticated animals, developed recording systems and appreciated the arts and sciences. In 2001, the Sacred … Keep reading »

Feeding the soul and stomach with hands-on learning

Camilo Ballumbrosio, an Afro-Peruvian percussionist, led a workshop on the cajon musical instrument.

Learning during the Study-Service Term takes many forms, from living with host families and going on field trips to soaking in hours of lectures and participating in-depth language learning. Nothing, however, quite compares with hands-on workshops. Students recently enjoyed two stimulating cultural experiences: learning how to play a new musical instrument and make two Peruvian … Keep reading »

Embracing nature and traditions

Living and studying in modern Lima, one can forget that huge portions of Peru are in agricultural production and that some traditions are as powerful as ever. So it was good to be reminded of both facts on a visit to the Instituto de Educación Superior Tecnológico Privado de Técnicas Agropecuarias in Lima’s southern agricultural … Keep reading »