Samuel Stoner-Eby ’23

Samuel Stoner-Eby '23
Samuel Stoner-Eby '23

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Major: Physics


Why did you choose Goshen?

I grew up Mennonite, so Goshen was on my radar because of that. I also felt that the small school environment was one where I could find good, like-minded friends and get to know my professors well. It also offered majors in a number of areas I was interested in. I also appreciate the liberal arts attitude and the opportunity to take classes in many areas to explore my interests.


Why did you choose your major?

I chose physics after two years of taking classes in history, physics and public health. I really enjoy learning more about our world, and the fundamental theories and forces that govern our universe. I also enjoy the iterative problem-solving and math that go along with it.


What career are you interested in pursuing?

I am still figuring out what career I want to pursue, but engineering interests me along with data analysis. I am okay working through that at my own pace and taking different classes to explore my interests.


What is a valuable experience you have had at Goshen?

My most valuable experiences at Goshen have been forming lasting friendships; there are a lot of fun people at Goshen. I also enjoyed taking good classes. I really liked taking War and Peace in 20th Century Europe with John Roth, and Religion and Politics with Keith Graber-Miller. Another opportunity I’ve had at Goshen is joining the track team, which allowed me to pursue my athletic interests and make new friends.