Nayo Ulloa

Nayo Ulloa
Nayo Ulloa

What drew you to want to teach at Goshen College?

I was drawn to Goshen College’s commitment to international and intercultural studies, especially the mid- to long-term goal of making GC a Hispanic-serving institution.

What do you love most about teaching GC students?

The students want to learn, are very dedicated and actively participate in class. There is a sincerity in wanting to learn about the world cultures that affect their lives in the U.S.

What excites you about Latino arts and literature?

My field of study is contemporary and alive! I focus on art and music created by Latinos since the 1960s. Because many of those artists are still alive, we have a rare opportunity to hear their opinions first-hand, follow their lives and even meet them.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your academic work?

I am an active music performer. My field of expertise is the music of the Andes, especially Peru. I also volunteer in community activities, especially ones that advance opportunities for the Latino community.

How does the college’s vision (international, intercultural, interdisciplinary and integrative) connect or shape your teaching and work?

The college vision is perfect for my teaching; the connection is completely natural and it allows me to be completely transparent and honest with my vision of sharing Latino culture and art with my students.

How do you strive to make peace through your work and life?

This is a big challenge, especially because worldwide the U.S. is a big creator of violence with its many military incursions. It helps me to focus locally and always encourage my students to be instruments of peace and to get involved in helping shape a future free of violence.

Is there anything else you would like prospective students to know about you?

I would like them to know that I come from a very humble beginning in Lima, Peru. Growing up I had none of the comforts of modern life (e.g. a refrigerator, TV, car, running water, electricity, etc.), but I always had my parents’ love, my siblings’ support  (all nine of them!), and many, many books. I was so very lucky that my parents valued and encouraged education, and thanks to my education I was able to improve my life and help my family to improve their lives.