Goshen College Ranked Best Social Work Program in Indiana

Social work is one of the hardest, and most rewarding things you can ever do. Your options are virtually limitless. Helping others, resolving conflict and supporting social justice can happen in a multitude of places and locations, with a variety of people – facilitating change in you, in them, in the community, and the world.  How then, does a person decide where to be trained in Social Work?

Zippia.com recently evaluated all undergraduate social work education programs in the State of Indiana and concluded that Goshen College’s Social Work Program ranks number one.

From the Zippia.com article:

… we looked at the following data from the NCES (National Center For Education Statistics) and College Scorecard data from ED.gov to understand what Social Work departments offer the best career opportunities:

  • Career Results:  Mean Earnings After 6 Years; Mean Earnings After 10 Years; Ratio of people working to not working after 10 years
  • Social Work Emphasis: Percentage of Graduating Class That Are Social Work Majors (Larger the better)
  • School Performance: Admissions Rate (More selective the better); Graduation Rate; Average Cost Of Attendance (Lower is better); Median amount of debt

It’s hard to argue with a selective school that features Social Work and produces strong earning potential for your career.

Find the article in its entirety here.  Our pride in our Social Work Program existed long before Zippia discovered us.  Behind all this objective data are decades of committed students and faculty, wide-ranging community organizations that welcome our students as interns, a carefully constructed curriculum, and a long-standing tradition of excellence.

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