GC Instrumentalists to defend Kick-A-Dilly title after controversial 2015 win

[GOSHEN COLLEGE] – After a hotly contested win in last year’s match, Team Instruments is set to defend their Music Department kickball title against Team Choirs in the Fourth Annual Goshen College Music Department Kick-A-Dilly Match.  The match will begin Wednesday, August 31 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mary K. Oyer Kickball Field just south of the Music Center.

Last year’s title by Team Instruments was won on the last play of the match under a cloud of controversy, when a contested play with two outs negated a potential game-tying run by Team Voices. The win by Team Instruments was their first ever in the competition and ended two consecutive seasons of Choirs dominance. “That call was bogus,” said Choirs co-manager Dr. Scott Hochstetler, who argued strenuously with the (non-existent) match officials before storming off to practice. “We had them dead to rights. Figures the only way the instruments can win is with extra assistance. Probably had their technicians tamper with the ball.” 

Hochstetler’s co-manager Dr. Debra “Doctor B” Detwiler Brubaker was slightly more magnanimous. “Ehh,” said Brubaker, in between mouthfuls of Dilly Bar. “It was an upset, but what can you do? Sometimes you play the oboe and sometimes the oboe plays you.”

Team Instruments manager Dr. Jose Rocha flatly rejected Hochstetler’s assertion that the match was fixed. “Pfft, whatever,” said Rocha. “Instrumentalists obviously have superior manual dexterity, and we were out-numbered. We deserved that win and we’ll do it again.”

“We are Instrumental to the culture of this department,” said Rocha, grinning. “Bring it, choir nerds.”

The annual Kick-A-Dilly Match is an intra-departmental battle between student choral and instrumental ensemble participants at Goshen College. A combination of ice-cream social and athletic blood-sport, the match provides new and returning GC music students to interact and engage in some (not-so) friendly competition at the beginning of the collegiate year. The winner wins the coveted Golden Music Stand, which is proudly displayed in the winning team’s rehearsal room for the duration of the academic year.