AIRC’s Summer Excavation Field School in Rome

The AIRC has been training international students in Roman archaeology since 2003. This summer they will be conducting a fourth season of excavation immediately outside of Ostia Antica, the port city of ancient Rome; it will be a particularly exciting season, as there is evidence indicating that an early Christian-era cemetery site is located near the grave of a local saint or martyr, which may very well find during the four weeks of fieldwork.

The program begins with a week-long exploration of the Eternal City, with lectures and visits to numerous museums and open-air archaeological sites. The faculty consists of four professional archaeologists: three Americans with PhDs and an Italian with three decades of experience in excavations all over Italy and beyond. The program is conducted entirely in English and comes with a full unit (3 hours) of academic credit via  California State University, Fresno

The deadline for applications is March 31st, 2016.

For more information and application please visit this link: AIRC Programs