Jaime and Miranda: Serving in Chiclayo

Jaime and Miranda are serving in Chiclayo, which is on Peru's northern coast.

By Judy Weaver Miranda and Jaime are living in Chiclayo, a sunny city of 630,000 residents on Peru’s northern coast. Chiclayo is the fourth largest city in Peru, founded several centuries ago by the Spanish. The area is rich in pre-colonial (and pre-Inca) history, including giant pyramids and an ancient royal tomb that yielded an amazing … Keep reading »

Brian and Matt: Serving in Tarma

Matt escorts students to another classroom.

Brian and Matt are volunteering in Tarma, a charming city of about 60,000 residents located in a fertile valley about 3,053 meters, or 10,016 feet, above sea level in the Andes mountain range. Tarma was founded in 1538 in the departamento (state) of Junín, between the central coast and the central Amazon rain forest. Because … Keep reading »

Joel and Lucas: Serving in La Merced

Joel and Lucas are serving just outside La Merced, which has about 50,000 residents and is the provincial capital of the Chanchamayo region.

Joel and Lucas say they have the ideal service assignment: they live in the middle of a beautiful jungle with streams, waterfalls and great hiking trails; the have hard and worthwhile work; eat good food and plenty of it; and help and play with boys who have known abuse and neglect for much of their … Keep reading »

Brody and Sierra: Serving in Oxapampa

Oxapampa is a city of about 10,000 residents located in the Andes, about 5,905 feet above sea level.

Brody and Sierra are living and working in Oxapampa, a lovely city of 10,000 residents located in a verdant valley of the Andes, about 5,905 feet above sea level. Settled in 1891 by a group of colonists from Austria’s Tirolean Alps and Germany, the city in central Peru features a rich blend of European, indigenous … Keep reading »

Derek and Michael: Serving in San Miguel

The school building in San Miguel.

Derek and Michael are living and serving with people for whom Spanish is a second language in a tiny settlement deep in the central jungle of Peru. San Miguel de Marankiari is an indigenous community perched on a hillside far above the Perené River Valley, in the province of Chanchamayo and the state of Junin. … Keep reading »

Preparing for service in Peru

Brody, Sierra and Leah collaborate on goals for service.

After Goshen College students start to speak Spanish, adjust to their host families, learn how to navigate Lima’s chaotic bus system and start to enjoy living in Peru, they increasingly ask one question of their Peru Study-Service Term leaders: “What’s my service assignment and where will it be?” It’s a natural question because service is … Keep reading »

Saying adiós to Lima families

Brian and Leah relax before the start of the farewell party.

After five weeks of language and culture studies in Lima (and one week of travel to Cusco and Machu Picchu), the Goshen students say goodbye to their Lima host families and teachers and travel to their service locations. They spend a second six-week period scattered across the country, working in schools, clinics, churches and social … Keep reading »

A morning with Peru’s most famous artist

Delfin used wood, he said, because this is a hard subject, and it needed a hard medium.

Goshen College students had the opportunity to view works of art, interview the artist and gain insights into the creative process during a visit to the home and studio of Victor Delfin, Peru’s leading painter and sculptor. Delfin, 87, is considered Peru’s most accomplished artist. The youngest child in a poor family from a fishing … Keep reading »

Fútbol just for the fun of it

The Malecon, which is in the Miraflores district of Lima, consists of a series of parks on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean.

Goshen College students spent their second Saturday in Lima playing soccer and volleyball with host family members and their friends. The spirited play took place at the municipal sports complex in the San Isidro district of Lima on a warm and gray morning. The students  loved it, especially the opportunity to play “fulbito,” a scaled … Keep reading »