Stephen Lowe ’21

Stephen Lowe '21
Stephen Lowe '21

Dayton, Virginia
MAJORS: music, secondary education

“Questioning has always been a key part of my faith life. Growing up, my parents cultivated a curiosity in me that asked questions about the world around me and the people with whom I interacted. Each question led to a new, more complicated question about existence.

The point of asking questions is not to find easy answers, but is about revealing something about the Divine or about human relationships. The point of faith is not about having everything figured out, but about believing there is something greater than just me without knowing for certain. Faith is about asking hard questions about life and existence, and finding a community that will ask and discuss questions with you.

In the darkest times of my life, it has been the questions that keep pushing me. Resilience comes from the community of friends I have built at Goshen College. It is those friends that have supported and believed in me when I haven’t been able to support or believe in myself. Resilience comes from the God who has promised to surround me in love no matter how many questions or doubts I may have. Resiliency in faith doesn’t mean never questioning what you believe. In fact, it is the questioning that leads to resilience.”