Peace Play: Mr. Maurizio, Oct. 2012

Goshen College presents
Mr. Maurizio

Written by: Mic Weinblatt

Directed by: Phil Weaver-Stoesz

Mr. Maurizio explores the volatile relationship between a lonely man in his seventies and his “companion”, — a young, compassionate Latina (a Salvadoran immigrant) who feeds and cares for the older Italian immigrant.  Santina attempts to find his estranged son as Maurizio’s emotional and physical health declines.  As his body fails him, his relationship with Santina takes a shocking turn.



Mr. Maurizio by Mic Weinblatt

Winner of the Goshen College Peace Play Contest



The Cast

Maurizio Vincente                                                                     Paul Zehr

Santina Reyes                                                                           Sara Klassen

People in Maurizio’s World                                                      Becca Yoder



The Production Team

Director                                                                                    Phil Weaver- Stoesz

Stage Manager                                                             Angie Troyer

Producer                                                                                  Doug Liechty Caskey

Technical Director                                                                    Andrew Moeggenborg

Assistant Technical Director                                                      Angie Troyer

Set Designer                                                                             Marshal Watson

Lighting Designer                                                                      Jenny Boehs

Sound Designer                                                                        Lewis Caskey

Costume Desginer                                                                    Natasha Weisenbeck

Hair & Make up Designer                                                         Brea Reimer

Light Board Operator                                                               Gwen Stephan

Sound Board Operator                                                 Robert Learch

Master Carpenter                                                                     Alan Smith

Master Electrician                                                                     Jenny Boehs

Wardrobe Manager                                                                  Natasha Weisenbeck

Set Conrstrucion                                               Alan Smith, Angie Troyer, Andrew Moeggenborg

Graphic Designer                                                                      Hannah Grieser

Photographer                                                                            Hannah Bartel

ASL Interpreting Professor                                                       Colleen Geier

ASL Interpreters                                                                      Saralyn Murray, Carrie Smucker

Production Assistant                                                                 Sandy Slabaugh

House Manager                                                                        Brandie Brubaker

Publicity                                                                                   Jodi Beyeler

Advance Ticket Sales                                                               Lisa Weaver