Academic Dishonesty and Grievance Policies

First Offense

Faculty members will report incidents of academic dishonesty to the designated associate dean. The associate dean will maintain a record of all first offenses. The faculty member has the right to determine the outcome of a first offense. Responses range from requesting that a student redo an assignment or exam to failure of the course, depending on the severity of the offense.

Second Offense

If more than one incident of academic dishonesty occurs the designated associate dean will convene the academic response team. This body will include three teaching faculty members and one student. The academic response team will determine the appropriate response for repeated violations of academic integrity. Responses could include suspension from the college for one or more semesters or dismissal from the college. The professor who reported the incident will continue to have the right to determine the academic outcome.

Student Academic Grievance Procedure

Students of Goshen College who believe that policy has not been followed with respect to academic matters may initiate the academic grievance procedure. Academic matters are those concerned with instructional activities, grading procedures or other incidents related to academic affairs. This policy does not address issues regarding student employment or sexual harassment. It deals with academic grievances only. Students should be aware that clear evidence is needed to contest a grade. Belief that a subject or exam was too difficult is not grounds for a complaint. A student must have evidence that specific policy was violated or that he or she was treated in a prejudicial or capricious manner. This policy does not limit Goshen College’s right to change rules, policies, or practices. The full Academic Grievance Policy is published in the Goshen College Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs.

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