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Final Retreat – Playa El Coco

On Friday morning students said a final goodbye to their host families and loaded all their luggage on the bus.  There was a lot of conversation as students continued sharing their service experiences with each other.  We started the 2½ hour journey south to Playa El Coco, 17km south of San Juan del Sur.  Due to a dryer rainy season, we had no problems getting to the beach as two of the three rivers we needed to cross were dry.  We enjoyed a lunch with the sound of the waves crashing behind us and then finished up project presentations in the early afternoon.  The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing on the beach and playing in the water.  After a beautiful sunset, we spent some time reflecting on the SST experience and our expectations for going back home.

Volcán Mombacho Service Visit — Luke

For our last service visit, we headed back to Volcan Mombacho, where the group had gone for a field trip earlier in the semester.  Luke is a short 30 minute bus ride away from Jinotepe on the road to Granada but works mostly on top of Volcán Mombacho.  He has been helping and participating in a variety of activities.  At the park entrance there is an orchid display that the park is trying to get finished as well as a butterfly garden.  Part of finishing the orchid display includes finding the orchids on the mountain and then making informational cards in English and Spanish.  Luke explained

Pearl Lagoon Service Visit — Caleb and Lynelle

Our journey to visit Caleb and Lynelle started out early as we left on a 6:15am-ish flight to Bluefields from Managua.  After arriving in Bluefields, we took a panga (speedboat) to Pearl Lagoon and got in just before it started raining.  We met Lynelle at the hotel and started hearing her stories of life on the East Coast.  Caleb soon joined us and we went to see where Caleb is working. Caleb is working with several doctors at the local Centro de Salud. 

Candelaria Service visit — Andrew

Andrew is working in the rural community of Candelaria in the Boaco department (state).  Normally it is a 30-45 minute bus ride and a 20 minute walk if the road is in good enough shape for the chicken bus to make it in.  We were fortunate enough to be able to get a ride to Candelaria with some Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) volunteers in their truck.  We enjoyed beautiful scenery driving in as well as seeing how the houses are constructed in this part of the country - more mud and sticks than cement.  We met Andrew