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Matagalpa Service Visit – Kyle and Allison

The department (state) of Matagalpa is the most mountainous of Nicaragua, and Matagalpa City, where Kyle and Allison are living, is true to form.  Walking the streets of Matagalpa, you will realize that the city is spread out over a valley, but also spreading up the mountains surrounding it, making for some very steep streets.  Nicknamed La Perla del Septentrion (The Pearl of the North), Matagalpa's real pearl is a red, ripe, coffee bean. The production and harvest of coffee is an essential part of the region's, and the nation's, economy. Neither Kyle or Allison is working directly with coffee, however.  Kyle works with Infancia sin Fronteras,

León service visit — Marissa and Steph

Leon, about a 2 hour bus ride from Managua, was the next stop in our circuit of service visits, where we visited Steph and Marissa.  Leon is a historic city, the site of many beautiful cathedrals, and a former capital of Nicaragua several times when the Liberal governments were in power.  After 1852, the Liberals and Conservatives agreed that Managua would be the capital of Nicaragua no matter who was in power, but Leon continues as the largest city in the Nicaraguan northwest. Steph is working at