On Monday morning we were greeted with a traditional Nicaraguan breakfast for the student’s last meal before heading to the airport – gallo pinto, eggs, chorizo, salsa, cheese, tortillas, fresh watermelon & pineapple, orange juice, and coffee.  After loading all the luggage on the bus one more time we began the trip across town to the airport.  The check-in process went smoothly, and the students were greeted with the news of a delayed flight, giving them a little bit more time to spend in Nicaragua, although in the airport.  We then said our last goodbyes to this amazing group of students.  We will miss them!

Thanks for following along on our adventures in Nicaragua this semester! Whether friend, family, GC alum or curious onlooker, we enjoyed having you along.  We hope you got a taste of the wonderful country that is Nicaragua and learned a little along the way.

Keri and Deanna – Nicaragua 2012 Summer SST leaders