Back from service

I’m happy to report that all the students are safely back from service in good spirits and good health, with lots of stories to share and lots of energy pointed towards returning back to the States.  Tomorrow is our wrap-up day, devoted to final project presentations (every thing from cooking Nica style, to malnutrition, to … Keep reading »

Gallo pinto

Gallo pinto is the national dish of Nicaragua; however, the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts have different recipes.  Here are approximate “recipes” for each.  Buen provecho!

Service visits days 6 & 7

Centro de Salud, La Concepcion

After traveling through some of the northern mountains and plains of Nicaragua early last week, it was a pleasant change of pace to simply hop into a microbus on Friday (July 2) to visit Reuben at the Centro de Salud clinic in La Concepcion (in the department of Masaya), and then to hop in a … Keep reading »

Service visits days 2 – 5

Deanne and Greta, who spent the morning in the garden

Thirteen students and six programs were included in this tour of Estelí, Matagalpa, León and Managua; our travels started early Monday morning (6/28) and concluded late in the day on Wednesday (June 30).

Service visits day 1: Diriamba & Santa Julia

Anne in class

Teaching English (all grade levels including a class of English teachers) in Diriamba, and planting frijoles and attending nation-wide farm cooperative workers’ organizational meetings provide a broad overview of two students’ service assignments.

Half-way Point

[student journal, posted with permission] Since Friday (6/11) marks the half-way point, for this journal, I’ve decided to do a review of the first half by making a list of ten ways I have changed, in the past six weeks.

Estelí: Conversations with Mothers and Veterans

In the flat farmland between Managua and the Northern mountains.

Although Tropical Storm Agatha had us wondering on Wednesday, May 26, if traveling 4 hours by bus into the northern mountains was going to be a good idea, the rainfall lightened significantly on Thursday, and we took off as planned on Friday morning (May 28).

Service begun!

Students started on their journeys from Casa de Goshen at 7:30 am this morning, and I am pleased report that all of them have reached their destinations safely as of 1:30 pm this afternoon.  Pictures of the send off (and last evening’s party) will be posted soon.