Students relax after returning to Jinotepe from their service locations

It’s hard to believe that service is over already, and even moreso that our time in Nicaragua is ending. Alas, it’s time for finals — not the exams we take on campus, but rather a series of last-time-we-will-do-this and last-time-we-will-be-here moments tinged with both sadness and anticipation. On Friday afternoon the students made their way … Keep reading »

Service: Amanda, Brian and Nathaniel

Nathaniel and host mother Doña Victoria

Amanda, Brian and Nathaniel are our three students at Estación Biológica located at Laguna de Apoyo. While the location is breathtaking and the picture of relaxation, the work that the three have been doing is far from a vacation. After a 20-minute downhill hike through the forest, Brian and Nathaniel join Amanda at the worksite … Keep reading »

Service: Hannah and Sarah in Estelí

With coworkers Doña Candida (also Hannah's host mom) and Doña Augustina

Hannah and Sarah share a work assignment at Las Mujeres Ambientalistas, the paper making co-op that the group had the pleasure of visiting while traveling in Estelí. As was mentioned in the Estelí blog, the co-op is run by women and was created as a way for them to have a safe working environment so … Keep reading »

Service: Jacy in Managua


Jacy is our only student who is on her own in Managua, and to quote her sister-in-law, “Everyone in the barrio knows Jacy. Everyone!!”  With those words, we can confidently say that she is doing very well both at her work placement and with her host family. Jacy’s service assignment is at Escuela Gabriela Mistral … Keep reading »

Service: Austin and Katie in Diriamba

Don Chico (the farm overseer), co-worker Miguel, Katie and Austin

Although they stayed in Carazo for service, Katie and Austin work in an environment that could well be mistaken for a more remote location, with its lush tropical beauty and rugged terrain. Gaia Estate is a 90-acre family-owned organic farm in Diriamba that has earned Nicaragua’s only “Bird Friendly®” seal of approval from the Smithsonian … Keep reading »

Service: Mandi, Kaleb and Jacob in Matagalpa

The NGO where Jacob and Kaleb work

Three students are in Matagalpa, the provincial capital city of the department that shares its name. Located northeast of Managua and demarcating the start of the country’s northern region, Matagalpa is known for dense mountainous forests, spring-like weather, coffee, cattle and eco-tourism. Kaleb and Jacob work at Infancía sin Fronteras, a non-governmental organization with a … Keep reading »

We’re off to service!

Getting ready to head off to service

Last Friday morning we officially ended the “study” portion of the study-service term and sent the students off to new places to begin their service projects. By early afternoon we had received word that everyone made it safely to their destinations. All was quiet (and even a bit lonely) around here on Sunday, as we … Keep reading »


Doña Mirna and her Spanish class

Thursday was our last full day in Carazo. After finishing Spanish final exams that morning, most of the students spent the afternoon relaxing and preparing for the evening’s despedida, or farewell ceremony. Emceed by Kaleb and Brian, the evening got off to a lively start with a folk dance troupe from the Universidad de Central … Keep reading »

Masaya and San Juan del Oriente

Sunday afternoon at Laguna de Apoyo

Our final day trip as a group was last Friday, when we visited an active volcano in nearby Masaya, a lookout point over Laguna de Apoyo, and a village of artisans specializing in ceramics. We had two special guests along with us — next year’s Nicaragua SST leaders Deanna and Tamara, who are here for … Keep reading »

Words For the Weekend

     After such a full and intense weekend of travel, we spent a good portion of our weekly reunión today debriefing and processing all that we had seen and heard.  We divided the students into groups of three and then assigned specific places we visited to each group.  Their task was to briefly describe … Keep reading »