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Managua – Esperanza en Accion, Batahola Norte, MCC, Jubilee House

We ended our four day field trip with 1½ days in Managua.  Our first stop was Barrio Grenada, a lower class barrio where Companeros, Inc (the company that our in-country assistant Dalena works for) has been focusing their work for the last two years.  We heard from community leaders about the projects they have completed over the last several years, including a security wall for the school, murals, and potable water.   Their project this summer is working to complete a sewer project in a newer part of the barrio

SST is "Life Continued"

Part of the academic requirements of SST include journaling three times a week on various topics.  Below is a “free choice” journal entry written by Brook, which she agreed to let us share here.  One thing I've realized about SST is that it is basically life continued.  (A different type of life, but life.)  I mean I'm still me, I still have hard days and awesome days, I still "go home" after school and hang out and do my homework.  I think I was expecting SST to be this wild/crazy adventure (which in some ways it is - there are 'wild' moments) - but one of the treasures about SST is actually the opposite, the chance to slow down life for a while, to have time to reflect on life and on subjects that I really care about.