ITSMedia Equipment Checkout Policy

ITSMedia maintains a pool of equipment that is available for checkout at no cost to Goshen College Faculty, Staff, and Students. Because these resources are constantly in demand by many users, we are charged with managing the flow of equipment as wisely as possible. The following conditions and expectations apply to equipment checkout:

  • Technology tools are fun, useful and enhance our work.  They can also be fragile and costly resources that should be treated with care.
  • You are responsible for returning the equipment by 10:00AM on the due date.  Failure to return equipment on time may result in a $1/hour or $10/day late fee.
  • The equipment is your responsibility while in your possession.  Should the equipment be lost, stolen, or damaged due to abuse or neglect, the cost of repairing or replacing the item may be billed to your account. We recommend that users be especially careful leaving equipment in campus housing or personal vehicles as these are not secure locations.  Promptly report theft to campus security and ITSMedia.
  • Equipment failure that results from every day wear and tear is not considered to be your responsibility.
  • Goshen College and ITSMedia are not responsible for damage to recording media that may take place while using equipment.
  • By signing the checkout form, you agree that that the equipment is in good and working condition and that all accessories are present at the time of checkout, and that you understand and submit to the policies in this document.
  • Equipment must be signed out and checked in by ITSMedia office personnel.

Individuals who do not follow the above guidelines may have their ability to check out equipment revoked.

Persons who are not a part of the GC Community and wish to rent this equipment are subject to the conditions in the Equipment Rental Policy.