Communication Dept.

All the video production and lighting equipment for GC Communication students is stored at and managed by ITSMedia.  We have cameras, light kits, tripods, batteries, blank media and more for the needs of the communication students. This equipment is only available to Communication Dept Students currently enrolled in a production course. There are two checkout time slots for this equipment:

Morning – checkout any time after 9:00am – return by 12:30pm

Afternoon/overnight – checkout any time after  1:30pm  – return by 8:30am the following morning.

Equipment is expected to be returned on time so that it may go out to another student in the next time slot.  Late fees of $1 per hour / $10 per day will be charged to those returning equipment late.

Professional Digital Video Camera – JVC GY-HD250

The JVC GY-HD250 is a high definition digital video camera that can record in HDV format or DV format using the standard MiniDV cassette. If you need a tape, we can provide the blank media for $4.50 per tape. Information recorded on the HD250 can be transferred to computer for editing through the use of a Firewire cable.

DownloadsSpecifications  |  Manual

Sony NX5

The Sony NX5 is a high definition digital video camera that can record in HD and SD format.  The NX5 records onto an SD card.  If you need an SD card, we recommend you purchase one from us.  We have 16GB cards for $30.  Information recorded onto the NX5 can be transferred to a computer for editing through the use of the SD card or the USB cable.

Downloads: Specifications  |  Manual

Light Kits

We carry a number of different sets of Lowel brand lighting kits.  For more tutorial videos or information about certain lights, please visit the Lowel website or select the kit name for a detailed description of the contents.

DV Creator Kit

The DV Creator Kit includes a variety of lights and supplies that can cover a wide variety of needs.  The DV creator kit includes 4 different lights, tripods for those lights, assorted gels, umbrella, lamp packs, tota frames, and a flexi-shaft.

Tota Light Kit

The Tota Light Kit includes 3 tota lights, stands for the lights, umbrellas, and a spring clamp.

Rifa 44 Light Kit

The Rifa 44 Light Kit includes a Rifa 44 Soft light light, stand, and umbrella.

Tota & DP Light Kit

The Tota & DP Light Kit is a custom GC kit, similar to the DP3 kit displayed in the link, but with 2 DP lights and 1 Tota plus tripods, and umbrellas.