The IT Services Department works hard at keeping all computing services up and running with minimal interruption to the campus. However, there may be times when services go down unexpectedly, or we need to schedule routine maintenance to ensure that our servers are operating at optimum performance. When routine maintenance is necessary, we try to minimize the amount of downtime as much as possible, with the understanding that some services may be down for a 12 to 24 hour period.

Communication Process for Services Outages

For issues that have a significant impact to our users, when possible, the Help Desk will send notifications by way of email, Twitter, and Facebook posts. We will also have a recorded message when you call the Help Desk, that explains the outage and the estimated downtime.

Service Status


Scheduled Maintenance

Twice a year we hold our “network downtime day” in which all services are unavailable so that we can perform necessary routine maintenance on all of our campus servers. On the network downtime days, some services may only be down for a few hours, while others may be down for the entire day.

Below is a schedule of network downtime days for the 2013-14 academic year.

  • Saturday and Sunday, December 23 and 24, 2013
  • Saturday and Sunday, July 19 and 20, 2014

Note: The July maintenance always occurs the third weekend in July.  The winter maintenance will fluctuate year to year, based on the academic calendar.

Unscheduled Service Outages

ITS has in place systems to track the up time of our servers, and is notified when a service goes down. However, for some services, monitoring to detect all possible problems may not be possible, and it is in those instances that we rely on our users to contact us when they experience a connectivity problem or issue.

Having problems connecting to any Google services? Follow this Link to look up the current status of Google servers by application:

If you experience connectivity problems or issues, you are asked to contact the ITS Help Desk at 574-535-7700.