iCore Technology Initiative

All new Goshen College first-year students will receive an iPad to explore, learn and dream in their college classes. This iPad-based initiative is an effort to engage our core value of passionate learning, with its call to master ‘an extensive foundation of knowledge, skills, processes and methodologies,’ using the tools of the second decade of the 21st century. Just as an earlier generation wrestled with the role of personal computers in a GC education, we are now faced with defining how mobile technology will reshape the way we teach and learn. This process cannot be fully scripted or its outcome shaped in advance. We shape it by daily engagement and incremental change that over time becomes transformational change, guided by our five core values. For more information on this initiative, visit https://www.goshen.edu/icore/

iPad Eligibility

All full-time first year students, and transfer students who are transferring in with 60 credit hours or less will receive an iPad. Any student who transfers in with more than 60 credit hours, or students who are in a continuing education program, or any upperclassmen who don’t yet have an iPad are eligible to participate in the iPad Lease Program.

Preparing To Receive Your iPad

There are a few things that you will need to take care of as you prepare to receive your iPad. Click here to view the preparation list.