Information Technology Service

G5 DisplayFrom the Director: What kind of technology environment should a college like Goshen College have? GC is a Christian college with excellent academics and a global perspective, a college that promotes peace, justice, service and discipleship. You wouldn’t necessarily expect to find a cutting edge technology environment at a place like GC, but it’s here and rapidly evolving. The most recent manifestation of this future-oriented approach is GC’s iCore Technology Initiative, which equips all incoming first year students with iPads as the technological foundation for our GC Core general education program and our eTextbook platform. GC is one of the first colleges in the world to do this and watching the faculty and student-driven innovation flowing out of that initiative is going to be very exciting.

Scanning StationsLike the student body at GC, the ITS staff is full of talented people who could go anywhere, but who choose to be here because of the values the institution holds and aspires to. ITS Staff and the students we employ possess a technical depth, a commitment to service and a work ethic that is simply amazing. Their gift to you is a technology environment that supports and enhances teaching, learning, research and publishing, and to the best of our abilities, reflects the values of the institution. You may not have chosen GC for the technology, but we believe you’ll appreciate what it does for your academic experience here.

Briefly put, our commitment is to:

  • Mission-driven computing.  We believe that technology is a strategic tool for improving the way we teach, learn, deliver services and operate the college, and are committed to letting the strategic priorities of the institution shape the agenda of ITS.
  • Innovation. We make our size an advantage by being nimble and avoiding the inertia and political problems that afflict larger schools. This year, it allowed us to adopt the iPad for Fall 2012 ahead of most schools in the country.
  • Excellence. We’ve gone to great lengths to create a technology infrastructure that is worthy of the finest colleges anywhere.
  • Student-focused computing. The entry point for new equipment at GC is our student labs, and that’s just one example of how we’re working to meet the needs of students across the campus.
  • Sustainable Computing. This is why we like and use Linux for our server infrastructure and why we jumped at the opportunity to use Mac Minis on the desktop. It’s also why we strive to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, strategically placing technology where it delivers maximum benefit.
  • Service-oriented Computing. It’s why we started the project which serves 2200 organizations and congregations across the globe, and why we continue to contribute our best work back to the open source development community.
  • Continuous Improvement. We’re not resting on our laurels. We make substantial improvements to the computing environment each year to keep up with rising expectations and the rapid pace of technological improvement.

So whatever your goals or your reason for being here, we hope you’ll take full advantage of the technology environment here to learn, serve and achieve your full potential.  Blessings,

Michael Sherer

Director of Information Technology