Why I give to Goshen…


“Without Goshen College, so much of what my life is like now wouldn’t be possible. At GC, I had the opportunity to double major in molecular biology/biochemistry and music. My education prepared me for my career in research and eventually medicine, all the while integrating the humanities and the arts.”

Ainslee Zou ’22, Baltimore, Maryland — a postbaccalaureate research fellow at the National Institute of Health and a member of the Goshen College Alumni Council


“I am grateful for the many opportunities I experienced at GC. They have empowered me to leave my comfort zone when going for new adventures. Also, I grew up in a tradition and culture that is based on giving a part of what the Creator gave you to the creation. This strengthens my connections with the Creator and makes me happy to know I was a part of a common good.”

Ameera Alshuga ’20, Topeka, Indiana — a dental assistant and a member of the Goshen College Alumni Council


“I give to Goshen College out of a sense of gratitude and deep appreciation for all the institution gave me. As a student, I formed meaningful relationships that shaped my life, I learned skills and knowledge to begin building my career, I was given opportunities to grow, and I gained a greater understanding of myself, and the role play in my communities. An education like that can open doors for students and communities. When I was an employee, I saw the impact and evolution a Goshen College education has on students’ lives and trajectories repeatedly. I support Goshen College because I know first-hand that it is a transformative force of good in a complicated world.”

Maryn Munley ’14, Watertown, Massachusetts — a project manager at Harvard Business School and a member of the Goshen College Alumni Council


“I give to Goshen because the ‘Culture for Service’ motto has shaped me into the person I am today and the work I find fulfillment in. I was given the chance to travel, learn about what service means to me, and how I can find smaller, intricate ways to continue doing service for those around me. I hope that current and future students are able to find that for themselves and what that means and looks like for them.”

Pamela Ortiz ’21, Chicago, Illinois — an immigrant community organizer and a member of the Goshen College Alumni Council


“Whenever I return to Goshen, I am always reminded that Goshen College is a place that attracts quality people. In any setting (May Term canoe trip, lunch in the cafeteria, the basketball court, Alumni Council meetings or just walking across campus), the students, faculty, staff and alumni impress me with their kindness, thoughtfulness, passion and intelligence. Donating to GC is a way for me to support these good people as they work to make their community and the world a better place.”

Gretchen Nyce ’93, Harrisonburg, Virginia — is self-employed on home and landscaping projects, and is chair of the Goshen College Alumni Council



“I give to Goshen College because Goshen College gave to me both spiritually and academically in a Christ-like way!”

Arvis Dawson ’76, Elkhart, Indiana — Elkhart City Council member, retired educator and a member of the Goshen College Alumni Council


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