Connect your gifts to student success

At Goshen College, we know that we need each other and that being a hope-filled community is one of our greatest strengths. It happens each day as you live out our mission of transforming local and global communities as courageous, creative and compassionate leaders. And it happens with each student who enters and graduates, prepared to follow in your footsteps. We value your ongoing support of them, because Goshen College is a place where everything connects!

Meet a few of our amazing students!

Robert Sanders '23

Jakyra Green '24

Katy Columna '26

Kevin Bollmann '23

Alex Neufeld '24

Emma Zuercher ’23

Kedrick Bibby '23

Sasha Dyck '24

Hasan Hadzic '24

Johanna Morford-Oberst '25

Lisa Nalliah '23

Olivia Krall '23

Olivia Koop ’23