Thank you!

Connect Goshen Day


Thank You!
April 16, 2024

Final Numbers:

  • 610
    Total Number of Gifts
    We blew the lid off our original goal of 500!
  • $413,213
    Total Amount of Gifts Given
    (Enough to keep our squirrel friends scampering with delight!)
  • 62
    Squirrels named
  • 31
    Reunion Rally Votes
    1969 swooped in for the win!
  • 54
    Shelter Showdown Votes
    Howell House snagged the top spot, with Kenwood House finishing in second and Yoder Hall in third.
  • 105
    Campus Clash Entries!
    Employees reigned supreme with a whopping 158 gifts!

Thank you to all our alumni, students, employees, friends and families for participating in Connect Goshen Day! We had record-breaking numbers of participation and gifts this year.

With an on campus festival and 11 Alumni and Friends’ gatherings across the country, hundreds gathered to celebrate all things Goshen!

Thanks to your incredible support, we unlocked $200,000 by hitting 500 gifts, plus $50,000 for reaching 100 family gifts and another $10,000 for topping 530 gifts in the President’s Surprise Challenge! Check out the final results below.

While Connect Goshen Day might be over for this year, it’s never to late (or early) to help support the current and next generation of Maple Leafs with a gift.¬†

Thank you to our Lead Donors!

This group of donors provided advance gifts to help unlock the challenges.

Jeff (’87) and Margaret (’87) Aeschliman
Conrad Clemens (’85) and Andrea Gerlak
Don (’61) and Marie (’81) Clemens
Roseyn Devlin (’64)
Cal and Sharon Graber
Ron (’69) and Linda (’90) Gunden
Lotus (’61) and Judy (’62) Hershberger
Paul (’81) and Lorie (’80) Hershberger
Julie Hertzler (’91)
Gerry (’72) and Linda (’74) Horst
Leah (’17) and Chandler (’18) Ingle
Deb (’86) and Bob Kauffman
LaDene King (’94) and Gretchen Nyce (’93)
Beth Landis and Jack Swaim
Kendel (’86) and Lori (’87) Martin
Jason and Heather McNeal
Miller Poultry Family
Anita Miller (’90) and Steve Stutzman
Bart Miller (’90) and Margaret Jeschke (’89)
Bill (’55) and Phyllis (’55) Miller
Byron (’76) and Ellen (’73) Miller
Dan (’61) and Mary Miller
Eric (’92) and Jodi (’93) Miller
Mary Ann Miller
Maynard (’90) and Emily (’95) Miller
Dan Nussbaum (’94) and Shanti DeFehr (’94)
Angel (’58) and Lora (’59) Miranda
Lew Naylor and Belle Duerksen
Jeremy Pope (’11) and Dorina Oliveira-Pope
Lynn and Kathleen Roth
Philip (’85) and Karen (’87) Rush
Jerry (’73) and Kathy (’75) Short
Nat (’18) and Lana (’18) Smucker
Glenn Weaver (’58)
Ed Yoder (’58)
The Elwood (’50) and Joyce (’51) Graber Family (31 alumni)

Ed and Jean Hollenberg Family
Holly Liechty (’88)
Bekah Liechty (’23)
Joshua Liechty (’19)
Scott Hollenberg and Holly Nelson
Tim and Sandy Morgan
Kathleen Barr Hollenberg and Stephen Hollenberg

Russel and Marjorie Liechty Family
Marjorie Liechty (’53)
Joseph (’78) and Linda (’77) Liechty
Mark Liechty (’83) and Laura (’83) Hostetler
Dan (’88) and Jill (’90) Koop Liechty
Emma Koop Liechty (’17)
Elsie Koop Liechty (’21)
Cormac Koop Liechty (’25)

Longacre & Reedy Families
Ben Longacre (’20)
James and Ellen Longacre
Jim Longacre (’90) and Ann Reedy Longacre (’90)
Janet Reedy (’62)
Jill Reedy (’93) &¬†Andrew Martin
Maribeth Longacre Benner (’92) and Darin Benner

Descendents of Walter E Yoder (’33), children and grandchildren of Michael (’73) & Mary (’75) Lehman Yoder
Anna (’07) & Brian (’07) Yoder Schlabach
Rachel (’11) & Luke (’09) Yoder Penner
Kathryn (’04) & Luke (’04) Yoder
Timothy Yoder

Kaden Yoder
Caleb Yoder Schlabach
Sophia Yoder Schlabach
Margaret Yoder Penner
Oscar Yoder Penner