Robert Sanders ’23

Meet Robert Sanders ’23, a sports management major and psychology minor from Merrillville, Indiana.

“I’m from an urban area, so being at Goshen College opened my eyes to a new perspective on life! I didn’t know anything about the Amish before I came here – I had never seen anything like this!

I heard about GC through a high school coach who drove me all the way out here just so I could work out with Jon Troph! Now I’m one of the captains of the basketball team. But I couldn’t be here without the scholarships.

Unfortunately, I was injured in a basketball game, so I wrote a research paper about rehabilitation. I learned so much about the psychology between injuries and healings.

I’d like to follow basketball as far as it takes me, then go on to get my Masters degree and work with athletes who have been injured. My parents have been so supportive, and reminded me that my injury is not the end of my story; that basketball is not my full identity. I’ve learned that I have so many different facets. I would like to pass that on to others.

My faith is so important to me. Being involved in Campus Ministries has given me an opportunity to work on Faith over Fear, and lead with my faith and convictions. I have grown so much and have had opportunities to be in leadership positions.”