Cade Fisher ’22

Meet Cade Fisher ’22, a peace, justice and conflict studies major with minors in music and video game development from Goshen, Indiana.

“I am fortunate that I have been able to attend GC because of scholarships. My music scholarship allowed me to continue playing the Bass, something I love to do! I was able to give my recital right before the Covid lockdown. I offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the people who have supported students. Being here has helped me identify pieces of myself, the opportunities that I have, and what this means when I go to Ecuador this summer for SST as a white, American man.

People are often surprised that I’m working with video game development. In my senior thesis, I’m researching video games as a legitimate tool of socialization. Part of this is understanding how video game violence influences real-world behaviors and attitudes but also includes research on prosocial video games and how themes of whiteness are presented in video games. I want to use video games to develop empathy, not violence. After I graduate, I will be going to Tucson with Mennonite Voluntary Service to work with immigrants in the Florence Project.”