Our hopes and uncertainties

In these unusual days, I am profoundly grateful to be surrounded by so much goodness. I am also brokenhearted by the human suffering, and shaken by our personal and collective vulnerability. Truly, “we have this treasure in earthen vessels.”

With your help, Goshen College cultivates joy, growth and purpose, preparing students to thrive in life, leadership and service. The opportunity to pursue this vision, rooted in the way of Jesus, is why I came back to Goshen College and why I am glad to be here in this critical moment.

At Goshen College, even with extensive scenario planning, we find our road ahead clouded by uncertainty. And so do our students. We are listening to their voices in a variety of ways. Here are some of the stories I’ve heard from our students in recent weeks that convey their hopes and uncertainties.

My parents are now unemployed and we are having a tough time making ends meet.
Now I’m taking care of my siblings and having trouble keeping up with ongoing class work.
I am stressed and anxious about my future and career opportunities.
I’m nervous I won’t be able to finish and graduate.
I want to be here again in the fall but I’m not sure I’ll be able to swing it financially.
Thank you for the support. I feel privileged to attend a small school at a time like this.

The latest real-time national research shows that students want to come back to college! Goshen College will be here for our students and for our community. In this time of uncertainty, we claim what we know to be certain. We are certain that God is trustworthy and works for good in all things. We are certain Goshen College is a source of transformation and thriving. We are certain our students want to come back. And we are certain your generosity has always made the difference.

Here is my call to action to you in this time of uncertainty and extra need:

  1. Stand with us in prayer: For our students and families seeking a brighter future.
  2. Stand with us in community: Together we sustain the mission.
  3. Stand with us in gifts: Directly impact the trajectory of a student’s life.

Your gift to the Goshen College Fund transforms student lives and gives us the flexibility and capacity to provide for the vast range of student needs within our community. As we wrap up our 125th year of transformational education, your gifts continue to impact lives in special and meaningful ways. Thank you for your ongoing commitment of generosity towards our students!

May the certainty of God’s love enfold you wherever you are in this time.


Rebecca Stoltzfus ’83, president