College Planning Timeline for High School Juniors

Wherever you’re considering, there are still a few things to keep in mind and plan for as you move forward with your college search. Here’s a timeline for your junior year:


  • Attend college fairs to pick up materials on potential colleges and sign up for their mailing list.
  • Prepare to take the PSAT a second time.


  • Take the PSAT. And remember: Junior year PSAT scores aren’t sent to colleges, but they do count for National Merit Scholarship eligibility. Based on your PSAT scores, you’ll know what to work on for the SAT or ACT, which you’ll take in the spring.
  • Plan your senior year classes.
  • Make appointments to visit your top choice colleges during the spring semester.


  • Review your results from the PSAT with your high school counselor because top scores may be eligible for specific scholarships from colleges.
  • Register to take the SAT and ACT test at least one month prior to the exam date; there is a cost for each test (note: Goshen College is test-optional). Talk with your high school counselor.
  • Narrow down your college choices.


  • Visit your top college choices. You could read every college guide out there, but until you spend some time on actual campuses, you won’t have a real “feel” for the colleges you’re considering. Most colleges offer a few different visit options.  Learn more about visiting Goshen »
  • Take both the SAT and ACT to see which one gives you better results. Make sure you know which colleges and universities should receive your scores. (Each college has its own SAT or ACT code; while Goshen College is test-optional, if you’d like to send us your scores, Goshen’s SAT code is 1251 and ACT code is 1196.)


  • Begin searching for scholarship options. We recommend and And attend a financial aid night to learn the basics of financial aid.
  • Start filling out college applications for your top schools at this time to save yourself a lot of time in the busy fall of your senior year. Acquaint yourself with the Common Application to see what is required for your application. Goshen doesn’t start admitting students until the early fall of your senior year, but you are welcome to apply early. To apply to Goshen, take these steps!

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