Advice for High School Juniors

Thinking about applying to Goshen? Wherever you’re considering, there are still a few things to keep in mind as you move forward with your college search:

Taking the PSAT/SAT/ACT

You’ll have one more chance to take the PSAT, in October. And remember: Junior year PSAT scores aren’t sent to colleges, but they do count for National Merit Scholarship eligibility.Based on your PSAT scores, you’ll know what to work on for the SAT or ACT, which you’ll take in the spring. Make sure you know which colleges and universities should receive your scores. (Each college has its own SAT or ACT code; Goshen’s SAT code is 1251 and ACT code is 1196.)

Visit, visit, visit

This is the year to be a road warrior! You could read every college guide out there, but until you spend some time on actual campuses, you won’t have a real “feel” for the colleges you’re considering. Most colleges offer a few different visit options. At Goshen, you can choose to either come to an Open House or schedule an individual visit. Learn more about visiting Goshen »

Applying for admission

To apply to Goshen, you will need to complete the Goshen College application for admission, submit a $25 application fee, and have SAT or ACT scores sent directly to the college.You will also need to print and complete the top portion of the Guidance Counselor Form, which your counselor will then fill out and send to Goshen.

You’ll do the same with the Personal Reference Form. Fill out the top portion and then give the form to a teacher, pastor, church youth group sponsor or community leader, and ask them to return it to the admission office at Goshen College.

Some helpful links: