Home-schooled Students

Home-schooled first-year students must show that they have successfully completed a secondary school education in a home school setting and have met state law requirements for secondary education.

Steps to Apply

  1. Complete the application. You have two different options:
    Go here to complete an existing application.
  2. Submit your high school equivalent transcripts with grades or evaluations. If these are not available, curricula for grades 9 through 12 may be provided.
  3. Submit your official SAT I or ACT scores. Our codes are 1251 (SAT) and 1196 (ACT).
    SAT and ACT test results are optional for students who apply for admission during the next year, due in part to the challenges many students have faced in taking the tests during the spring, summer and fall of 2020.)
  4. Submit a personal letter of reference from a non-family member.

See Admissions FAQs related to Covid-19 >>

Enrollment Application Deadlines


Nov. 15: Priority application deadline (to be eligible to apply for achievement scholarships)

Jan. 1: Achievement scholarship application deadline (You will need to have applied to GC and submitted your transcript and test scores prior to applying for the scholarships.)

March 1: Priority deadline for submitting the FAFSA.

July 1: Priority deadline for submitting completed application materials for fall enrollment. Apply by this date to ensure that you have adequate time to: register for classes, housing, and meal plans; complete your summer orientation requirements; and complete financial preparations ahead of the first day of classes.


Nov. 15: Deadline for submitting application.

Dec. 1: Deadline for submitting completed applications (including supporting paperwork).

Minimum Requirements to Apply

College-level credit during high school: Students with Advanced Placement, dual enrollment, or other college-level credit should submit official score reports or transcripts to Goshen College.

Students not meeting full admission standards are still encouraged to apply for admission. Goshen College takes a holistic approach to admission decisions and will consider the merit of each applicants’ academic record on an individual basis. Additional materials may be requested so that we can learn as much as we need to make our admission decision.

Students with diagnosed learning disabilities who are otherwise qualified for admission to Goshen College must provide documentation of their specific learning differences to the director of the Academic Success Center in order to receive reasonable accommodation.