Kyra Green ’23

Kyra Green '23
Kyra Green '23

Elkhart, Indiana

Major: English and Secondary Education

Why did you choose Goshen?

I chose Goshen because it is close to home. I’m less than thirty minutes away from my loved ones. The environment and faculty are also great!

Why did you choose your major?

My passion for striving to be an educator derives from my knowledge of the significant shortage of minority teachers – more so minority women. I remember observing for a previous course and being told by the teacher that there is only one Black teacher in the entire school. I also just love literature and want to share the beauty and intricacies of a single piece with my future students.

What career are you interested in pursuing?

The goal is to become a secondary English teacher.

What is a valuable experience that you have had at Goshen?

A valuable experience I had at Goshen College is during my PIN (Prevention Intervention Network) training. Everyone listened to each other with the intent to learn and be better than the day before. That is the first time I witnessed how strong and supportive the GC community is.