Honors Opportunities


The academic ethos at Goshen College is rigorous and engaging. Requirements for the Dean’s List and the Latin Honors system for graduates are described in the academic policies section of the catalog. Two special honors opportunities are described below.

Academic Research Symposium

An annual Academic Research Symposium features exemplary student research and writing. The symposium brings together students and faculty members involved in original research and scholarly activity from all disciplines. A selection of papers representing the quality of student research at Goshen College is published in the archive.

Maple Scholars

Each summer the Maple Scholars program supports numerous student-faculty research partnerships. Maple Scholars is an eight-week program that gives students the opportunity to participate in independent research alongside Goshen College faculty of various disciplines. Each scholar is paired with a faculty member who works with and supervises individuals to help carry out their work. Students who are selected as Maple Scholars live in campus housing and receive a stipend.