Nifty Assignment -Cherry Pie

Graduating Senior, Ryan Troyer, completed a Cherry Sundae game that runs on iPad and iPhones in Goshen College’s Mobile Apps course.

In this game your objective is to accumulate as many points as possible.  The points increase regularly at an interval of one a second. If you have one cherry on your sundae, the points increase at ten points a second.  If you have two cherries on your sundae, the points increase at twenty points a second.  If you already have two cherries on your sundae and collect another, you get fifty bonus points.  Watch out though, because there are jars of walnuts coming down the road towards you.  If they hit you, you lose a cherry off of your sundae.  If you have no cherries on your sundae and hit a jar of walnuts, fifty points are deducted from your score.


Click here to play video of Cherry Sundae Game