'A Plague of Angels', Nov. 2004

‘A Plague of Angels’

A new play depicting the story of Mary Mallon, better known as “Typhoid Mary” and her struggle with the Public Health system of New York City. It is an exploration of the clash between individual and public rights that continues in ethical issues of medicine today.

Performances: Nov. 5, 6, 12, 13 @ 8:00 p.m. and Nov. 7, 14 @ 3:00 p.m.


A Plague of Angels by Mark St. Germain



Mary Mallon                                                                            Anna Yoder

Father McKuen                                                                        Ben Freisen

Doctor Mills                                                                             Joe Hartman

Doctor Saltzer                                                                          Rebecca Fast

Sarah                                                                                       Emma Caskey

Martin Frazier                                                                           Mike Honderich




Production Team

Director                                                                                    Doug Leichty Caskey

Asst. Director                                                                           Nicole Miazgowicz

Technical Director                                                                    Jerry Peters

Stage Manager                                                             Kimberlee Rohrer

Asst. Stage Manager                                                                Karen Graber, Rebekah Schmell

Scenic Artists                                                                           Nick Loewen, Sarah E. Miller

Set Design                                                                                Bryan Rafael Falcon

Sound Design                                                                           Lucas Bishop

Light Design                                                                             Jerry Peters, Eric Meyer

Costume Design                                                                       Laura Reist

Props Design                                                                            Adrienne Nesbitt

Set Construction                                                                       Jessica Iverson, Erin Bontrager, Glenn Schumacher

Assistant Technical Director                                                      Sarah Elizabeth Miller

Light Board Operator                                                               Jonathan Nafzinger

Sound Board Operator                                                 Lindsy Glick

Stage Crew                                                                              Karen Graber

Hair & Make up Design                                                            Sarah Elizabeth Miller

Master Electrician                                                                     Ben Freisen

Master Carpenter                                                                     Adam Roth, Jesse Shoemaker

Wardrobe Manager                                                                  Lindsay Nance

Costume Construction                                                              Amanda Zimmerman

Hair & Make up Crew                                                             Sarah E Miller, Claire Swora, Jessica Iverson

Graphic Design                                                             Eric Meyer

Publicity                                                                                   Nicole Miazgowicz, Jobi Beyeler

Production Manager                                                                 Brian Mast

House Manager                                                                        Lindsay Nance, Adrienne Landis, Anika Roth