Money, Music and Our Maker


Our first week of lectures and workshops began with a diverse set of presenters.  Jerrell, who teaches economics when not helping Jane lead the Peru Study Service Term, opened with a presentation on the Peruvian economy.  At first glance Peru seems quite poor when compared to the United States — the average Peruvian earns the … Keep reading »

Orientation — Part 2

Peruvian Airlines Flight #216 Lima-Cusco

The Andes are spectacular.  With peaks reaching over 20,000 feet and valleys made green by the recent rains, the tallest mountains in the western hemisphere provide a striking backdrop to our study program.  People have called the sierra home for thousands of years.  They have sustained themselves through strong traditions and hard work, learning from … Keep reading »

Orientation — Part 1

Rise and shine at Miraflores House --  Breakfast finished and ready to go!

Our introduction to life in Peru began in the nation’s capital, Lima.  The students awoke to a warm, sunny day and took a walk through the districts of Miraflores and San Isidro, observing the modern architecture and some oddly familiar images — the new KFC on the corner offers valet parking.  They changed their dollars … Keep reading »


The first Peru SST group photo of 2013  -- Welcome to Lima!

All is well.  Nineteen tired but eager students emerged from immigration and customs with all their luggage in tow and smiles on their faces.  After a quick group photo, we boarded a bus for Miraflores House to get settled before beginning orientation in the morning.  Rest well…

A Changing World. A Changing Peru.

The director's family visited Canoa, a fishing village in Ecuador, to renew their visas and rest before the arrival of our next group [Front row from left:  Teresa (10), Naomi (12), Sierra (13) and Jordan (7).  Back row:  Jane and Jerrell]

Change is everywhere.  From the KFC’s and Starbucks that are replacing traditional eateries here in Lima to the appearance of hundreds of off-highway vehicles for this weekend’s Dakar Rally, the old is giving way to the new.  Globalization promises new opportunities, higher incomes and greater awareness of what is happening in the rest of the … Keep reading »