Servicing with Farm Labor Organizing Committee

This week Latino SSTers spend two days in Toledo, Ohio, to visit the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) and Campaign for Migrant Worker Justice (CMWJ).  FLOC and CMWJ work “to support the human rights and self-determination for those in the farm labor and immigrant rights movements.”  While SSTers were there, they served as volunteers interpreting in a mobile health clinic and distributing clothes and books to migrant families in one of the migrant camps near Toledo. Most of these workers are from Southern Mexico, like Chiapas, Oaxaca and Guatemala.  Interestingly enough; these workers did not spoke Spanish, but dialects of their home place.They also visited the Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center.   The Center was named after Sofia Quintero, a daughter of migrant farm workers who settled in the Toledo area who was the first Latina to be elected to a public office.