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Master of Arts in Environmental Education


Live, study, explore, and teach on site in the outdoor classroom of Merry Lea: where you can walk through oak hickory forests, a pawpaw grove, or a restored prairie to class.

Most of the ecosystems found in Northeastern Indiana are present at Merry Lea. The 1,189-acre preserve is among the best-assembled land preserves in Indiana and contains a wonderful complex of wetlands, lakeshores, upland and lowland forests, prairies and meadows. Unique geological features such as peat bogs, a marl pit, and glacial gravel formations are also part of the landscape. The Merry Lea Sustainable Farm showcases strategies for growing food without harming surrounding ecosystems.

Classes are held mostly outdoors exploring the nature preserve. In the winter classes are held indoors, but several field trips throughout the year combine indoor meetings and outdoor tour experiences.

The program provides an immersion in natural history that will enable participants to share their knowledge and passion with society.

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