2020 Class Gift



The 2020 Class Gift Committee members are Lucia Aryee, Evan Beck, Jose Chiquito Galvan, Lexus Garces, Caleb Longenecker Fox, Alyson Prigge, and Anneliese Wiebe.



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Where does my money go?

The 2020 class is raising money for the Goshen College Fund, which supports student financial assistance, SST, the Globe, and International students. You can also give to any specific program of your choice: your academic major, your sports team, your club, etc)

We hope all graduates will participate, no matter the amount, to ensure the success of programs and leave a legacy for future students.

How do I get a Glass?

In 2020, for a minimum donation of $40, class-members will receive an etched glass that has etched “Class of 2020” and GC’s 125 Anniversary logo.

How to Give:

Give a Gift Online. Or if you would like to give out of remaining balance on your account you are welcome to do so by contacting Jean Yoder at accounting@goshen.edu before April 29th.


Why would a financially-strapped college student choose to donate?

It’s time to think about the larger picture. This is your chance to start investing into the education of future students here at Goshen College.  We hope all graduates will participate, no matter the amount, to ensure the success of the program and leave a legacy for future students. The hope is that this is the first step in a lifetime of giving back. While you were a student you have been supported by alumni and friends of Goshen College. Now it is your turn to join the tradition of good stewardship.  You can make a gift of any amount that is comfortable for you by cash, check, or credit card. If you have a small group housing deposit – you may apply a portion of it towards your gift.

Gifts are welcome at any time but we will focus on gifts from graduates coming in this spring. The Class of 2019 donated $1053.  The 2020 Class Gift Committee has an ambitious goal of 25% participation. Will you help us get there?



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