Lisa Nalliah ’23

Meet Lisa Nalliah ’23, an environmental science major from Huntington, Indiana.

Lisa Nalliah ’23 is an environmental science major from Huntington, Indiana. She says, “I spent many summers of my childhood at Camp Friedenswald. I really enjoyed the emphasis on creation care, and many of my counselors were GC students. During my prospective student visit, I could feel the strong sense of the community here. Then I attended a Festival of Carols concert and was impressed with how many students were involved in music. Of all the small liberal arts colleges that I was considering, Goshen College really stood out with their environmental science and music programs, as well as SST. I value learning from people of different cultural backgrounds, and the SST program here is quite unique compared to other university study abroad programs!

My professors are excellent, and have a passion for what they do. They really care about Goshen College. I have learned in ways that I didn’t expect, and I am learning to think in creative and interdisciplinary ways – which is the value of a liberal arts education! I’m looking forward to my SST in Ecuador. I took an Ecology and Sustainability May term course in India with Johnathan Schramm, and I’d love to return to  India sometime after I graduate. I became interested in the intersection between religion and sustainability from my coursework and hope to continue exploring these interests in the future.”

With tears in her eyes, Lisa continues, “I really could not be here without the scholarships. This is such a unique and special place; I will miss being a student here. We have such a wonderful  community, where students, faculty, and staff engage with each other in many ways. GC sets us up for life, not just for a career but also to become a better person.”