Brody Thomas ’15

Brody Thomas '15
Brody Thomas '15

From Good of Goshen

“I grew up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania. When I came here to attend Goshen College, Goshen felt like a big city to me. Elkhart County supports the arts, so after graduation, I stayed here to seek a music career. Now I teach music at Bethany Christian Schools and the talent I see from these kids is incredible!”

It’s my 4th year teaching at Bethany. I strive to be a teacher who is connected inside my classroom and to the community. I want to contribute musically to the Goshen community with the mindset of, “How can we as a school, or how can I as a teacher and community member, give back?”

Teaching takes a lot of time, so creating intentional space is important. I often find that places like The Electric Brew or the Millrace Trail create space for forming community. I take a lot of pride in our downtown and I take advantage of all that Goshen has to offer.

There are a lot of creative minds sharing the feeling of community pride here in Goshen, and I don’t think it’s like that everywhere.”

Brody Thomas, Music Teacher at Bethany Christian Schools