Accessing the Mary K. Oyer African Archive Database

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How to Login

Select Sign In as Guest when prompted to sign in. You will automatically be sent to the main search menu. Tips for searching the database are listed below.

(Contact Dustin George-Miller, Music Department Office Coordinator if you have difficulties accessing the database).

Dustin George-Miller


Most fields are ‘searchable,’ but here are some suggestions to guide your search:

  • What to Search: (choose one or more of the following)
    • In the Country field, choose one of the countries from the drop-down menu
    • In the Medium field, select vocal and/or instrumental
    • In the Date Recorded field, enter a 4-digit year (most recordings are between 1969-1980)
    • In the Instrument Type field, select the desired type of instrument using the Hornbostel-Sachs classification system
  • Performing a Search:
    • Once you have entered search information, click Perform Find in the upper right corner of the screen
    • Your search will appear
      • The upper left corner will show the number of searches found
        • Ex. 100/1737 = there are 100 entries that match your search
        • The number in the white box shows which entry you are viewing out of the total that match your search
        • To move to a different entry, click the small arrows to the left of the white box
    • If you receive this message, “No records were found in the database ‘Mary K. Oyer African Music Archive’ for the find you specified. Modify your find criteria and try again.” Press OK, alter your search and try again.
  • Performing a New Search:
    • Click Find in the upper right corner
    • Select Create New Find and you will return to the search menu
  • Listening to a Recording:
    • On the lower section of the screen under Sound File, an mp3 file has been inserted into the database (length of file indicated below the name)
    • Click on the blue lettered mp3 file or black sound bar
      • Ipod Users: The sound file will open up in a new window and begin streaming the sound file
        • The volume can be adjusted by pushing the oblong black button on the side, either up or down
        • When you are finished listening to this mp3 file, close the window and return to the database search screen (by closing the mp3 file, it will allow you to stream other mp3 files faster)
    • Computer Users: The sound file will download to your computer and you will be able to play the sound file with your current computer applications.
      • The volume can be adjusted with normal computer settings
    • All interviews that are related to the current search will appear in numerical order, listed in the field labeled ‘Corresponding Interviews Track List’ and can be found in the fields below, ‘Corresponding Interviews I, II, ect.’