Senior Presentations

2015 Kinesiology Department seniors present final projects

Five class research projects designed and conducted by seniors were presented to an audience of faculty, alumni, administrators, students, family and friends at the end of spring semester.  Each project began with the identification of a research question, a literature review, development of methods, followed by data collection and analysis.  The projects ended with submission of a formal written paper and an oral presentation.

1.  “The effect of cup stacking on hand-eye coordination” presented by Ben Pollitt, Kyler Lehman, Melanie Meyer and Stefon Luckey

2.  “The mental side of a college athlete’s injury” presented by Andrea Born, Vitor Gomide and Aaron Frost.

3.  “Comparing reaction time in video gamers and athletes”  presented by Viola Mutiso and Isaiah Garza.

4.  “An examination of aerobic variables in Goshen College male distance runners” presented by Joel Yoder and Daniel Zelaya

5.  “Experience of white and non-white athletes at Goshen College”  presented by Kahyra Ramirez and Mariana Neves.



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