Service visits (map)

Mara Region of Tanzania. Base map, based on OpenStreetMap

Musoma: This is the regional capital and largest town (population ~130,000) in Mara region.  Paul and Kathy live just outside Musoma in Nyabange.  Rachel and Maddy, and Nat and Grant are doing their service assignments in villages close to Musoma.

On our various trips we went to visit:

  1. KemgesiLydia and Ben; MugumuJenae, Jennifer, Lana, and Hanna H; NataLaura M
  2. ShiratiKevin, Kayla, and Sadie
  3. TarimeHannah T, Anna, Peter; Mogabiri / Kemakorere / NyareroCecilia, Austin, Isaac, Laura H
  4. Kiabakari Ga(briel)