Mugumu and Nata

We took Lydia and Ben along with us to Mugumu where we  played games and ate together with the students in Mugumu as well as Laura from Nata.

Jenae and Jennifer are assisting Neema at the Mugumu Safe House.  It’s a ministry of the Anglican Church set up to provide a place for girls fleeing female genital mutilation (FGM) and other abuse and neglect.  They also provide vocational training.  Jenae and Jennifer are teaching some English and IT classes, and going on home visits.

Hanna is working at IMARA foundation, a community development organization.  She has been interviewing people and writing stories, as well as helping editing grants.

Lana is working in the library at the Kisare Nursing School in Mugumu.

On our way back to Musoma, we made one last stop in the village of Nata, where Laura is living, and volunteering at the nearby Grumeti Reserve.